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Eric Blais, Peace Point Entertainment Group, Director New Media, December 2009.

Ilona’s attention to detail is truly mind-boggling.  She forces my head to think in different ways, which is not always an easy task. This exercise is well worth the effort. The outcome is a product that far surpasses what was initially designed.

Julie Saulnier, Usability Team Lead, Bell Web Solutions, Professional Services, July 30, 2007

Ilona Posner worked for us as a consultant.  Her responsibilities included creation of a test plan, conducting usability tests, writing the report, and presenting the results to the client…. She showed a high level of professionalism and was instrumental in the success of the project…. I highly recommend Ilona for any Usability position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue.

Evan Jones, Founder, Stitch Media, Producers of Interactive Site for CBC TV Show, Dec 2007.

Ilona helped us take an objective look at the hard work we’d accomplished for The Border: Interactive and the Mobile Contest.   She taught us to throw out the bathwater (cluttered & inconsistent design, confusing language) but still keep our baby (the project’s intended goals, artistic vision).  Her constant defense of the little guy (‘our user’) made sure this project succeeded.  Since it’s launch it has been three times nominated for national awards and won the Banff World Television Award for Mobile Enhancement.