BBC News Article – Remote Teaching

BBC News article,  “The tech promising to bring lectures alive,”  May 29, 2021

Woman on Laptop showing sticky notes on the screen, holding mobile phone showing other students in the session.

Student attending remote class using a shared digital workspace.

A detailed discussion of remote teaching strategies appeared in “Queen Of Zoom” June 28, 2020


Enterprise Experience, Storytelling Session

Presentation at Enterprise Experience Conference, San Francisco, June 2019.  See this video on YouTube [05:49]

Audience at the Enterprise Experience Conference doing the Keyhole Salute, June 2019

Design for Good or Evil

Presentation at World Usability Day 2018 event. Theme Design for Good or Evil.
Presentation details Slides  and Video on YouTube [24:03]

Secrets of Great UX: Keyhole Impact for Better Product Experiences

Presentation at ELEVATE PRODUCT Sept 26, 2018 (@connectedio)
| [18:49] VIDEO

ELEVATE PRODUCT Audience Keyhole Salutes, Sept 2018

User Experience Design

MEIC-MAP Presents “User Experience Design” with Ilona Posner

Presentation from March 2014 

Usability: Examples of Failure

MEIC-MAP Presents Ilona Posner with “Usability: Examples of Failure”

Presentation from March 2014

Usability Test Session Recording Tip

Record usability test sessions including the Screen AND Facial Expressions using only your Macintosh and QuickTime Player! [Video, 1:41]

Ilona’s War Story “First Stop the Bleeding”

User research story with unusual challenges. Appearing in a book by Stephen Portigal, 2016. Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries – User Research War Stories, Rosenfeld Media Publ.  And in the “All in Chittah Chattah Blog” byStephen Portigal, April 2013.

User Experience Design & Paper Prototyping

Ilona Posner Presentation is part of the Mobile Accelerator Program organized by the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. February 14, 2013

Kids and Technology

First encounter with a dial phone – 5 kids aged 5-10 in an impromptu usability test. 

Zelda Symphony

Video Games meet Symphony Orchestra, Zelda Symphony Toronto Review, September 16, 2012

Transit Usability – Removing the Barriers

from ILONA POSNER  at Transforming Transportation: Economies & Communities Summit in Detroit, MI, Apr 2011

Video Interview OneDegreeCanada


Podcast Interview with Karel Vredenburg

IBM User Experience Design, visit podcast link 12/3/2007 or LISTEN TO PODCAST>>