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George Fitzmaurice, Autodesk, Director, User Interface Research

We were extremely satisfied with Ilona’s performance, engagement and insights.

Ilona Posner reported to me when conducting two usability studies for our Chronicle project, a web-based video tutorial system with a desktop recording system. (Chronicle was renamed Draco and later Sketchbook Motion which won Apple’s App Store’s App of the Year Award in 2016.) Ilona provided a set of “fresh eyes” on our project and we really benefited by her experience and perspective. In fact, we were able to make changes before running the first user study based on initial design reviews we conducted with her.

Ilona lead the design and execution of both usability studies. She also analyzed the results and made solid recommendations. She was able to help us focus our high level requests to “run usability studies” into what exact information we were looking for and how most efficiently we should go about obtaining the data. She has a strong technical background. Her technical skills were well used to execute and report on the usability studies.

Her skills at conducting effective and efficient design and usability analysis is truly excellent. Ilona has a rare depth of experience conducting a wide spectrum of user studies amongst a variety of businesses and industries. Also, Ilona was very flexible. She worked us into her schedule on short notice and was willing to conduct user studies at night and over the weekend.

My team and I were extremely satisfied with her performance, engagement and insights. We look forward to an opportunity to work with Ilona again on future projects.

Garry Beirne,  Intelliware Inc., Director, Solutions Delivery,  January 2013

I have worked with Ilona a number of occasions She completed a usability review of a complex system for a client in the pharmacy industry. Her insights, intuition and report quality were extremely professional and comprehensive, and the report is strongly influencing the course of product development. We were so impressed with her work that we hired her to give first a full day workshop, and then a 9-week course to our developers and communications staff on Usability & User Experience. We were very happy with the outcomes this course and many of the learnings were incorporated in our development process. She is an excellent communicator, teacher and creative thinker. I can highly recommend Ilona as a powerful leader in usability and user experience.  – LinkedIn Recommendation, January 26, 2013

Stephen Orr, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Director User Experience Group, April 2012.

I hired Ilona to assist in the re-design of an existing UI which had already been partially converted, but needed some of the trickier portions of the product designed. She was given wide latitude for her initial concepts and produced some highly innovative and compelling solutions. She was excellent at defining the scope of work, helping to define the target user and building a strong rationale for her solutions. I hope to have opportunities in the future to work with her again.  – LinkedIn Recommendation,  April 26, 2012

Stephen Orr, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Director User Experience Group, Dec 2010.

This report is good. I told my boss to read every word of this. … Some things have already happened because of this, which is excellent!

Patricio Davila, OCAD University, Assistant Professor & Access For All Project Lead, Dec 2010

The user testing process was essential to looking at what next steps to take in the improvement of our learning management system. Many of the items in the Usability Report’s Executive summary have already been put into action.

Chuck Zissman, Director, Product Management, Subscriber Services, Efficient Networks Inc., a Siemens Company, March 20, 2001

Ilona, it was a pleasure working with you and I’m sure we’ll continue working together on the “2.0” product. The interface is very well received by all we show it to. As we continue to fine-tune it, you will likely be involved. Thanks for your excellent assistance.